Where to watch icon creation process videos

If you are like me, then you love watching timelapses and WIPs of creating something awesome. I think that it’s a nice way to gather some new skills and tricks from other designers. So I decided to collect some links of the channels and videos from youtube/vimeo, where you can watch creation process of something cool. Only for you, my dear reader. Because you are special :D

ikonka.ru’s channel: ikonka.ru

Nikolay Verin’s channel: Nikolay Verin

Armanycat’s channel: Armanycat

Cuberto’s channel: Cuberto

Anoton Repponen’s “Making of Sound Icon”: Anton Repponen

Pedja doing milk icon Pedja

Not icons, but worth to watch:

Glenn Jones’ channel: glennz

Daarken’s channel (enliighten.com): daarken

Matt Kohr’s channel (ctrlpaint.com): ctrlpaint

Feng Zhu Design for Cinema: fengzhu

Want more?

If you still need some more videos, then you probably should stop procastinating and go draw something, then you can try to search it on youtube and vimeo by yourself. If you’ll find some more nice channels, don’t forget to share it with me in comments ;)