Transform Each 2.1 Update

Since Adobe have changed how some stuff work in Photoshop scripting, Transform Each script required an update. I rewrote its UI from the scratch and while I was there, I also added Preview button. And yes, it finally works in CC2014/2015. Yay!

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Move Tool bug in Photoshop

Encountered with a weird bug in Photoshop today. Every time when I tried to move a layer using my wacom tablet it just snapped back to its initial position (see the gif below). At the same time, keyboard arrows and regular mouse worked normally.

It is not the first time when I encounter this, so I decided to write this post so I could remember how to fix this again, and maybe it’ll help some of you too.

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RotateMe 3.0

Hey I made a new version of RotateMe script, previous one was a bit too simple because I wrote it for SmashingMag article to overview scripting for Photoshop, so I decided to create something more interesting with new UI and fancy functions. And here it is.

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Transform Each 2.0

You know that feeling, when you look at your old works and think “What was I thinking!”. So, I looked at Transform Each script with same thoughts and decided to make an update for it.

I rewrote it from the ground, fixed previous bugs, redesigned the interface and added some features, which were requested in comments.

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