Transform Each 2.1 Update

Since Adobe have changed how some stuff work in Photoshop scripting, Transform Each script required an update. I rewrote its UI from the scratch and while I was there, I also added Preview button. And yes, it finally works in CC2014/2015. Yay!

DownloadRequires Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC2014 or CC2015

You can place the script into Photoshop/Presets/Scripts folder and access it from File → Scripts menu.
You can also setup a custom hotkey in Edit → Keyboard shortctus…

UI and functions remained pretty much the same, so you can review description of each slider in the previous post

I’ve added Preview button, which give you ability to preview transformation result before applying it. May be pretty useful.

Take a notice

CC2014/2015 users may experience some interface “flashing” while clicking Preview button. It doesn’t affect anything, it’s just how things work in the new version of Photoshop

I couldn’t find a way to fix this (if you know how — tell me in the comments)
Maybe Adobe will fix this in future patches.

Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy using updated version!


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