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Adobe Illustrator has nice features that I miss in Photoshop. One of them is Transform Each. When you need to transform group of layers, it transforms each of selected layers as it was transformed individually. Yeah, sounds confusing, let me explain on pictures


Oh, hey there. I have newer version of this script
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What is it?

Imagine, that you have a feed with some text paragraphs and userpics:

You need to resize each userpic in 50%. If you’ll select all of them and transform it via default Transform Tool, then it’ll look like this:

Not cool. Alternatively, you can choose each image and transform it manually. This can be tedious process. So, here comes Transform Each, it transforms each of selected layers as it was transformed individually:

In our case, script resized each userpic in 50%, and moved it top right in 20px.

DownloadRequires Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC2014 or CC2015

You have to move downloaded file into Photoshop/Presets/Scripts and restart your Photoshop

Also don’t forget to setup a hotkey (Edit→Keyboard Shortcuts…, look for File>Scripts>[KAM] TransformEach). My hotkey is cmd+alt+ctrl+T

Window description

When you run script you’ll see this window:


All inputs are from default Transform Tool, but just in case, I’ll write a bit about them:


Resizes layer
Horizontal (%) — horizontally resizes layer. 100% — is initial size, 200% — doubled size etc.
Vertical (%) — vertically resizes layer
You can enter negative values to flip object horizontally/vertically


Moves layer relative to its current position
Horizontal — moves layer horizontally in pixels. Positive numbers moves layer to the right, negative — to the left
Vertical — moves layer vertically in pixels. Positive numbers moves layer to the bottom, negative — to the top:


Shears layer:

Horizontal — shears layer horizontally. Positive numbers shears layer to the left, negative — to the right. Vertically — shears layer vertically. Positive numbers shears object to the top, negative — to the bottom


Rotates object
Angle — angle of the layer rotation in degrees. Positive numbers rotates object clockwise, negative — counterclockwise

Scale Styles checkbox

I guess it’s self-descriptve—scales layer styles with layer.

Random checkbox

Allows to apply random transformation to the layers in the range of initial values to new values. For example, if you’ll enter 360 in Rotate Angle and check Random, then script will randomize rotation angle for layers from 0 to 360. Same goes for scale: if you set horizontal/vertical scale to 500, then random will be in the range from 100 to 500

Some notices

There’s one issue, that I’m still working on: If each of the selected layers were in their own groups, after script finish work all your layers will be in one group

I’m thinking how to walkaround this thing.
Also take in mind, that if you’ll select big amount of layers it will take some time to perform all transformations


And that was another post with script for your Photoshop.
Hope you’ll find it useful :)


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